Mobile New Year!

As another year comes to a close many big names in the mobile and technology industries have made their predictions of what tech and trends await us in the coming year.  We here at Mobile Mind take many of these with a grain of salt.  But for the sake of tradition we have put together a short list of those predictions that we think have a chance of coming true.

Watches, glasses and more flexible mobilewear

Mobile devices other than traditional smartphones are going to make a big appearance in the new year.  But with the development of flexible display materials they won’t be limited to just watches and glasses.  Depending on the flexibility of the material we might soon see mobile devices that can be folded into a wallet or purse or become part of your clothing.

Living in the Cloudcrystal ball

Distributed data storage will keep growing but so will the public’s wariness.  With the fear of government access to data stored in company cloud servers many people will turn to private cloud solutions instead.  These solutions will allow users to store and access their data on their own personal computers and home servers.


Javascript and XML will continue to be used to display dynamic web page content on mobile devices as an alternative to Adobe Flash or Java applets.  But more and more programmers will turn to JSON for data transmission because of its compactness and ease of use compared to XML.  But when will they start calling it AJAJ instead of AJAX?

Context awareness

Mobile devices will grow smarter and more aware of their users in the coming year.  They will utilize a variety of sensors to determine their current environment and your current situation and adapt their own functionality accordingly.  Some mobile devices already respond to hand gestures and facial expressions.  The coming year could bring voice analysis and posture recognition to help your device learn how to better serve your needs.


This article was researched using Google’s search engine, written using software developed by Google, and all on a mobile device manufactured by Google.  So it’s not too difficult to predict Google’s place in the world for 2014.  As this company continues to grow and becomes one of the biggest in the tech industry the question remains can it do so “without doing evil”?

Of course one can only appreciate the accuracy of any New Year’s prediction by reviewing those of the previous year.   But however this new year turns out we wish everyone a safe and prosperous one!

~ Mobile Mind Technologies